Shock Absorbers at Southern Classic Alfa Romeo

Signs of the wear

• Unusual tendency for the vehicle to veer on sharp bends.
• Vehicle appears to ""float"" around long bends.
• Muffled clunks when going over a speed bump.
• Juddering wheels when accelerating, leading to a loss of grip.
• Oil leak detected on the body of the shock absorber.
• Irregular wear on the tyres.

Risks of the wear

• Your braking distance can increase by up to 35%.
• Your vehicle will become more prone to aquaplaning (+15%).
• The life span of the tyres may decrease by up to 25%.
• There is the risk of parts around it deteriorating as well: gimbal, suspension ball joints, engine mount, etc.

Shock absorber life

To keep your shock absorbers healthy, you just need a few simple tricks: have them checked regularly, always replace them in pairs and don’t forget to also change the end of travel buffers and dust protector caps. Shock absorbers should be replaced on average every 80.000 km. However, depending on their type and your driving style, their wear can change.
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