Wiper Blades at Southern Classic Alfa Romeo

Wiper Blades

Wiper Blades

Check the blades

Check the blades every six months
Imagine having to clean the surface of 13 football fields during endless rain or in the snow. That’s hard, right? Well, that’s the work that your window wipers do in 6 months, during which, on average, they carry out 125 thousand wipes, before they start to wear. Their life is no better when they are at rest either, as they're relentlessly exposed to heat, cold, dust and UV rays. Add a couple of checks every year to your schedule and never wait to replace them when you have to.




Take care of your window wipers
Window wiper blades that are well taken care of last longer, you just need a few tricks. Regularly clean the rubber blade, by wiping with a clean cloth moistened with a special detergent on both sides, lengthwise. Remember that ice damages rubber: remove it from the windscreen before operating the wipers. And always replace blades together: a difference in age makes them less effective over time.