Glass and Mirrors at Southern Classic Alfa Romeo

Glass and mirrors service

Paying attention to damages

REPAIRABLE DAMAGE (when the impact does not exceed the size of a two euro coin and is outside of the driver's field of vision.)
• Star break chips.
• Combination breaks.
• Bull's eyes.
• Half moons.

• Any damage in the driver's line of sight.
• Any damage around the edge of the windscreen.
• Star break chips whose surface area is larger than a €2 coin, or within the driver's field of vision.
• Likewise, any damage that has already been repaired cannot be repaired a second time.
• Any damage that has caused a small piece of glass to be removed.
• Any damage to athermic windscreens.

If the impact cannot be repaired, our Alfa Romeo experts will take care of replacing your windscreen with your insurance.



Rearview mirrors: Complete kit or just a Part

The original rearview mirrors distributed by Alfa Romeo are available as both complete and as individual spare parts. You can ask separately for the reflector, the cap or the badges, according to your needs, and the repairs that you have to have done, at the Authorised Alfa Romeo Dealership.